Angular2 Training | Angular2 Online Training

Course Overview:

This courses covers basic to advanced level concepts in Angular2. Those who have knowledge in HTML, Javascript can opt for this course to attain good knowledge

Angular2 Training Details:

Course Name Angular2 Training
Version 2+
Duration 22 hours
Training Mode Online Training
Trainer Experience 10+ years
Batch Weekend and Regular batch Starting soon
Fee Rs.15000

We are conducting Fast Track and weekend batches as well. For Online Training’s Recordings will be shared after each and every session.

Training Goal:

After the Angular2 training, attendees will be able to,

  1. Understand and be able to Write Typescript
  2. Undersatnds Modules, Components, decorators etc
  3. Able to bind data and retrieve data from model properties, validations etc
  4. Able to interact with Restfull services


Basic knowledge on HTML, Javascript is required.

Course Content:

  1. Understand UI Technologies

    • Introduction
    • Available Javascript frameworks
    • Understand Web Applicatoin
    • Clientside and server side web applications
  2. Angular2

    • Introduction to Angular2
    • Difference between AngularJs1.x and Angular2
    • Understand difference between other Web technologies like JSP, ASP.NET with Angular
  3. IDE for UI technologies

    • Available Softwares to develop UI Frontend Web Applications
      Atom, sublime,eclipse,etc.,
    • Visual studio code
    • Installation, using Visual Studio code
  4. NodeJs

    • NodeJs importance
      Introduction ,installation
  5. NPM

    • Introduction, imporanace
      Using npm
  6. Javascript

  7. Introduction
    • Introduction and importance of Javascript
    • Data types,
    • console.log() global object
    • control structures (if, switch, loops)
  8. Javascript objects

    • String object, Array object (collections), Math Object
  9. Javascript functions

    • Understand functions FE, IIFE, Callback, Closures, etc.,
  10. Json

    • Understand JSON
    • Create json objects and iterate
    • Json objects collection
  11. TypeScript

  12. Introduction

    • OOPs concepts
    • OOPs features
  13. Typescript

    • Introduction to typescript
    • Installation
  14. OOPs using Typescript

    • Classes, object, inheritance
      Enum, etc.,

  15. Angular2+

  16. Introduction

    • Understand Angular2

  17. Angular Project File structure

    • Create angular project

    • Understand Angular 2 project file structure

  18. Angular Modules

    • Understand Module,

    • Syntax to create a module

    • Understand parts of Angular module
  19. Angular component

    • Understand angular component

    • Syntax to create a components

  20. UI Page

    • Understand template

    • Display data in templates
  21. Interpolation

    • Binding expression

  22. Events

    • (click), (dblclick), (mouseover), etc.,

  23. Data binding

    • [(ngModel)]

  24. Directives and Pipes

    • Understand Directives and pipes

    • Structural directives—ng-if, ng-for
    • Attribute directives—built in
    • Attribute directives—custom
    • Using directive values,Working with events in directives, Angular pipes—built in, Angular pipes—custom

  25. NodeJs

  26. http module

    • Understand http module

    • Create server

    • Nodejs exposing text
    • Nodejs exposing json
    • Nodejs exposing html
    • Nodejs exposing html file
  27. Expressjs module

    • Create RESTful service
    • Implment CRUD operations
  28. MongoDB

  29. Introduction

    • Understand MongoDB
    • Difference between Sql and NoSql
    • Installation of MongoDB
    • Installation, start server and client
  30. Collecions

    • Create MongoDB collection
    • Perform crud operations into it
    • Implment CRUD operations
  31. Web Services

  32. Introduction

    • Understand service
    • Types of Services
    • Difference between SOAP based and RESTful services
  33. Routing

    • Understanding routing
  34. Testing

    • Introduction to testing in Angular application Example
  35. Consume Web Services http service

    • Create RESTful web service using NodeJs
    • Consume Web Service using Angular2
    • Perform CRUD operations on Database table

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